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Distributed Computing Software

v3,v4 Internet Development SDK

Buy our v3 or v4 Internet Development Software Development Kit (IDSDK).

IDSDK enables programmers to integrate their own application software into our v3 or v4 technology distributed computing servers, and operate their own distributed computing system in-house. C and ISAPI APIs are provided over DCE RPC and HTTP protocols, over TCP/IP. Custom IDSDK API enhancement requests are also available. Includes run-time v3 or v4 server license. Contact us for pricing and terms.

Minimum Server System Requirements:

  • Windows NT 4.0 w/SP3 + NTFS hotfix
  • MS SQL 6.5 w/SP4, or Oracle 7.x (v4 only)
  • MS IIS 4.0 or WebSite Pro 1.1g
  • 128MB RAM, 4GB RAID 1+ configuration
  • 350 Mhz Pentium II (dual recommended)
  • T1 or DSL-3 network line, dedicated IP address

v2,v3 Server Source Code Licensing

Buy our complete baseline v2 or v3 technology configurable server source code, in C/C++. Compile and link ready Windows NT Service for MS Visual C++ 5.0/6.0. Contact us for pricing and terms. Features include:

  • Complete user account management and contribution tracking
  • Self-maintaining database, assignment timeout and recycling management
  • Detailed server transaction and computation results logs
  • Remote database assignment update merge; remote results database download
  • Remote assignment scheduling, availability, monitoring
  • Web-server integrated, ISAPI or CGI HTTP protocol gate
  • Automatic recurring server reports: summary, assigned, completed
  • On-demand user reports
  • Configurable timeouts, report intervals, maintenance intervals, rollbacks
  • Configurable persistent file names and locations
  • Example server-side Perl scripts and client test server script
  • DCE RPC and HTTP protocol support
  • TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, UDP, Named Pipes protocol support
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