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Internet Supercomputing Services

Research Supercomputing Services

We offer affordable, proven distributed Internet supercomputing technologies and services for science and mathematics researchers. A typical package includes:

  • Joint application/network/server project development
  • Computing resource management and accounting
  • Hosted 24x7 T1 and DSL connected Internet servers
  • Operations and technical support to the researcher
  • Technical support to computing resource contributors
  • Remote scheduling and results collection controls

Joint Research Project Development

Entropia.com encourages scientific researchers in the fields of molecular biology, chemistry, physics, geology to take advantage of our successful Joint Research Project Development program. The research project is taken from the first collaborative step through the creation and operation of an Internet research supercomputer.

Each project is carefully planned and developed using the researcher's software and our v3 or v4 Internet computing technology. The system is deployed on a small scale, tested and tuned, then scaled to production capacity.   Execution flow and results collection are performed by the researcher, over the Internet. Data and computation quality are under the researcher's control.

The first two scientific research projects to complete our Joint Research Project Development program will receive our research computing services at no charge.

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