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Technology Showcase

400 GFLOP/s Internet Supercomputer

Internet PrimeNet Server
Parallel Technology for the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) is our first major customer, and highlights the outstanding success of our Internet supercomputing technology.

Entropia.com created PrimeNet in 1997 during a joint project with GIMPS founder/mathematican and software developer George Woltman. Woltman decided to use Entropia.com's technology after a four month long live demonstration of several hundred computers using his unmodified client software.

PrimeNet Facts

  • Distributed, massively parallel mathematics research supercomputer
  • Produces Lucas-Lehmer series residues and factors up to 64 bits long from Mersenne numbers
  • Sustained throughput of over 400 GFLOP/s, or 13 Cray T916 supercomputers at peak power
  • Comprised of about 13,000 servers, PCs and laptop computers
  • Clients run on Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, OS/2 and FreeBSD UNIX
  • About 7,000 teams and individuals participating
  • Contributed CPU time: 60% U.S., 30% Europe, 10% International other
  • Hosted, operated and supported by Entropia.com in California
  • Remotely directed by Woltman in Florida using Entropia.com software
  • Cited in Prof. Em. Donald Knuth's  The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 2, 4th Ed.

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