Hall of Fame

Special thanks for folks willing to let me acknowledge them. Many others should be here!

Many people have influenced or helped me over the years, but somehow these folks stand out as having invested themselves in my work, taken a chance on me, or in some way taught me something you cannot learn elsewhere.

  • Carol Wilson - who 'pulls numbers from the air' in her algebra class and encouraged my combinatorial studies
  • Kurt Nelson - computer science 299 independent study mentor who said staying in the same job 5 years is uninteresting
  • Rick Stober - got me onto my feet in the computer industry after I left the Coast Guard
  • Keith Pollard - brought me over to the 'dark side' as a CTOS manager
  • Kit Parrish - the GSA manager that pulled me from the warehouse and put me in front of a CTOS workstation
  • Brad Bernard - long time friend and second Entropia grid operator after me
  • Brent Haines - runs Reality Networks and Grendelnet, hosted my servers, fixed them when they crashed, and much more.
  • George Woltman - Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search guy who let me springboard Entropia
  • Sharon Telljohn - tolerated years of my expenses and absences starting Entropia, which she named
  • Adam Jackson, Mike & Gene, Matt & Dave - the Aurigin data guys who taught me to love terabytes

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Last updated 2 December 2001