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Must have balance...

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
    • Hubble Telescope, Mars rovers, remote-control telescopes, musick of the spheres
  • Recent book additions to my library
    • The Federalist, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay
    • The System of the World, Neal Stephenson (fiction)
    • Confusion, Neal Stephenson (fiction)
    • The One True Platonic Heaven, John Casti (fiction)
    • Quicksilver, Neal Stephenson (fiction)
    • Collapse, Jared Diamond
    • Different Hours, Stephen Dunn (poetry)
    • Buddhism, Alan Watts
    • Scatterbrain, Larry Niven
    • California Non-Profit Incorporation, Nolo Press
    • Flying the Mountains, Fletcher Anderson
    • FAR/AIM 2005, U.S. GPO (FAA)
    • Guns, Germs & Steel, J. Diamond
    • Atomic Spectra, R.C. Johnson (1944 collectible, bought in Santa Fe, NM)
    • Treatise on Astronomy, H. Godfrey (1886 collectible, bought in Santa Fe, NM)
    • Kolmogorov Complexity & Computational Complexity, Watanabe (Ed.)
    • Wireless Internet, Mark Beaulieu
    • Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond
    • Great Plays Sophocles to Brecht
    • Blue Horizon, Wilbur Smith



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