Agua Caliente Desert Camp
Night of July 1, 2005

Click on any picture for larger view. Note: Camera clock is 1 hour slow.

Scott & Scott load & preflight N4975F for 4:45pm departure

Enroute: CA-125 & Santee @ 3,500 ft

Enroute: Alpine & Viejas Casino @ 5,500 ft - one mile above sea level

Enroute: Over Cuyamaca peak @ 8,000 ft & descent to desert

5:30pm Parked at Agua Caliente (45 minutes by air, 2 hours by car)

Cooled by cervesas, waiting under the wing for Sunset

We setup camp as Sun sets against east mountains & a lonely windsock

(Not shown: BBQ dinner of whole corn ears, chicken & toasted marshmallows; dark star-blazed night sky.)

A beautiful desert sunrise

Breakfast of sausages, scrambled eggs & juice; breaking camp

Enroute Borrego Valley @ 5,500 ft - one mile above sea level

Final approach to Borrego Valley to wait out morning overcast in San Diego

Resident roadrunners looking for a meat snack from Borrego FBO staff

Enroute San Diego, Lake Cuyamaca @ 8,500 ft

The route of flight is the red line (evening), blue (morning to Borrego to wait), and pink (return to MYF) on the chart below.