Kids Over Lake Cuyamaca
Dylan & Alexa scout our camp site & fishing hole by air, 7/5/2005

Click on any picture for larger view.  Photography by Alexa.

Dylan tests his headphone microphone with a raspberry at Gibbs FBO

Preflighting N4922D, Cessna 172N

Taxi to runway 28R ...

... then takeoff and climb over Balboa Ave and CA-163

Turning right and a look back at Montgomery Field from over Clairemont Ave. @ 1000 ft

Over I-15, Lake Murray in the distance, then Santee @ 3,500 ft

Alexa & Dylan enjoying the ride

Loveland & Barrett Reservoirs viewed from 5,500 ft - one mile above sea level

Over Alpine, El Capitan Reservoir & Viejas Casino, climbing to 8,000 ft

Passing Cuyamaca peak (6,512 ft) at 8,000 ft, and there's the lake behind it!

Approaching Lake Cuyamaca - our camping & fishing hole

We do a lazy turn around the lake ...

... then pass Cuyamaca peak again heading back.

We can see the Salton Sea in the desert; one last look at the lake.

(Not shown: Descending over Alpine, Crest and El Cajon - we get our approach clearance at Mt. Helix.)
Cleared to land on runway 28R, a last look at Lake Murray on long final approach to Montgomery

Dylan and Alexa back on the ground - ready for some Aviation Ice Cream!