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Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) PrimeNet Server EDT Demo

The 27 January 1998 discovery of the 37th Mersenne prime number marks the first successful practical demonstration of a research application operated as a massively-parallel, Internet computing solution.

Woltman's Prime95 is perhaps the world's most efficient Intel implementation of a discrete weighted transform (see Mathematics of Computation, January 1994) used to square numbers in the Lucas-Lehmer sequence. It generates factors and primality results that are used for statistical analysis of factor distributions by number theorists and cryptographers.

EDT's PrimeNet demonstration computes over 5.7 Pentium CPU-YEARS each day!

Prime95 v15 is integrated with EDT software. Thousands of copies of the program are managed by EDT Internet servers, acting as the official Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search parallel controller, code-named 'PrimeNet'. PrimeNet maintains an extensive database of test data and user accounts. It is remotely operated by Woltman using EDT's custom controls.


EDT Parallel Data Processing Services

Entropia Distributed Technologies brings affordable, proven parallel distributed processing to researchers and analysts like you.

There is an immense volume of scientific data to be analyzed, or to be reanalyzed using new models and methods. There are also many questions for which numerical calculations of immense proportion are required.

Many of these problems do not require shared-memory computing architectures. In these cases, the cost of leasing such exorbitant computer time from conventional mainframe and supercomputing providers is prohibitive, and sadly, many hypotheses and model predictions go untested.

Delivery of affordable, vast computing power is not enough.  EDT offers careful management of complex application data, tracking of distributed application execution state, and precise CPU time accounting for contributing end-computers - as standard service features.

Any analysis tool, application or calculation that can work with loosely-coupled data for parallelism could tap into years of CPU time per day.

We integrate your application into the EDT technology framework, then set up and manage the distributed processing of your research data for you, according to your requirements.

Big math, massive data, reliable results.

Contact EDT to see how your scientific data analysis, reduction, model or calculation can go parallel, today!

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